8 Positives Of Despair


It is an unfortunate event that within human relationships sadness brings people much easily and closer than happiness.  People tend to connect with one another when they feel they need to tell someone their issues, chances are, that person will get some degree of sympathy and compassion. In the short-term, this is all well and good as it offers temporary relief towards the person who is in depression and despair, however, in the long-term, this can be extremely destructive for everyone involved.

It is therefore important that when you are in fact in pain, you have to work hard to see what options you have available in life. This can be hard to see given the mental state that you are in at the time. This is where a life coach can help guide you in the right direction that will bring meaning and purpose back into your life.

  1. Despair reduces guilt
  2. Despair brings sympathy from others – and this sympathy can often feel like love.
  3. Despair justifies abandoning relationships with family and friends with the idea that they will be better off without the desperate person.
  4. Despair excuse for avoiding obligations and responsibilities.
  5. Despair way of punishing others who feel they must help and yet fail to help.
  6. Despair makes it difficult for the significant others to leave because it would mean abandoning a desperate person.
  7. Despair justifies indulging in addiction and other self-destructive but momentarily pleasurable behaviours.
  8. Despair, especially when it comes together with the threat of suicide, is a way to dominate other who, afraid to upset the desperate person, will walk on eggshells.

The key to cure grief is to stop focusing on yourself and help others, be generous with your love, and focus on adding contribution to society.


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