5 Reasons Why Might Need A Life Coach


1. A life coach can make observations and suggestions toward what it is you need clarification with

2. You need answers – You feel stuck and powerless towards a certain situation

3. Establishing a reconnection with your self. Perhaps you have lost sight of where you are heading in your life journey. Strategic Intervention (SI) can use certain protocols to assist with getting YOU back on track

4. Feeling anxious depressed and unable to find the reason or the cause of the problem?   During your initial consultation, we will be looking what your 2 most 6 human needs are. From there we can establish what it is thats actually causing the blockage and free you from your thoughts of depressive and anxious behaviour.

5. Offer you key concepts that will no doubt provide a break through in your life allowing you to better control the quality of your life.  



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