The Power of Visualisation





What if you took active control of your mind and redirected your focus and having the life you have always dreamed of? What if I told you that the effects this can have on your life will create an abundance of happiness and limitless amount of joy?

The key to success is how we operate and use our minds. If you want an exceptional life  and create an absolute masterpiece, then its time to make a shift in mindset and decide what it is you desire. Once you have your ultimate desire the next step is to commit and action!

During a six week intervention study on basketball players on How Much Does the Mind Affect Performance, three groups were broken up into the following;

Group 1 practise – This group were asked to practiced 20 minutes a day for 6 weeks

Group 2- Had no practice what so ever

Group 3- Were asked to practice only on mental imagery and visualisation. They practised making every shot every single time.

During the six week study, the group that improved the most was the athletes that were asked to practise visualisation only. These players believed in the power of their minds and practiced visualisation on a daily basis for six weeks. They had the ability to be certain and confident in their skill.  So regardless whether or not they were practising, the fact that the pictured themselves making every single shot, was enough to improve performance without the practice. This is extremely powerful stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

So when will  you take back control of your mind and visualise the best possible outcome for you and your future?

Remember: It’s not what we can do in life that makes a difference, it’s what we will do.

Now is the time to take back control of your mind, start planting the seed/s and you will sow the benefits in no time.




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