Why You Should Embrace Failure

Have you ever noticed that when a torpedo is released from an aircraft or submarine that it has one goal, and that goal is to destroy its target, be it a ship or a plane. However, what happens sometimes is that when the missile goes off course, the machine is equiped with a “sense organ” or radar which brings information back to the “control centre.” Once information is corrected to guide the missile back on course, the missile is put back on target thanks to its positive feedback mechanism.


Our body or nervous system is equiped with the same process and acts much the same way. Take learning something new for instance. Such as riding a bike for the first time, sometimes we tremble, and we fall, but thanks to our feedback system, its not long until we finally learn how to steer the bike. Even though we start to ride in a zig zag motion, our body knows how to course correct itself and eventually riding a bike becomes second nature to the individual.

Once our body or nervous system corrects a learnt tasks or has a successful response, it is remembered for future use. This successful resource is then duplicated via repetition and then it becomes an automatic mechanism. In other words, the failed attempts are forgotten via repetition and action becomes autonomous, thereby creating a habit.

In conclusion, do not ever be afraid to make mistakes and fail. With repetition as you work on your success, the programming in your mind will course correct itself and eventually you will override the failed attempts with the correct skill and technique. I just love our bodies ability to do this. This is learning at its best!

Repetition is the key.





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