Power Quote: An Antidote Beyond Pain [1]

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I was on a call today with a client who sustained a lower back injury in 1997. Today she let the pain get the better of her and wanted to end her life. She had lost all hope and wanted to just “end it” After the medical profession advising that there was nothing else that they could do for her, her physical and emotional pain went down hill from there.

After having a long chat with her and focusing on elevating her life’s wins, such as her grandchildren, the fun she once had and the fact that she had endured her pain for a very long time, proves to me that she is a fighter. She agreed that she was a fighter and never once quit. I replied by stating well today is no exception as she still has so much to look forward to in life, such as, watching her 6 grand children grow, the youngest being 18 months.

The point is, just because someone once said something, dose not make it true. Ultimately, we have the power and control of how WE want to feel, think and act, not because someone else said otherwise. We have the choice to pick and choose how we want others to make us feel.

Think about this: Why should the opinion of someone else matter to you?

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