2/5 Short Video series of Our Well-Being House – Let’s Get Spiritual


2. Spiritual Wellness (values & beliefs)

When spiritual wellness is recognised and responded to as an integral part of a person-heart-centred care, it creates an essential contribution towards individual health and wellbeing. Spiritual wellness is an important path that involves values, beliefs, and purpose. A person engaged in strong spiritual wellness, are people who are willing and able to transcend meaning and purpose in to their own life as well as others. Each individual has a different meaning to spiritualism, it is generally considered to be the search for meaning and purpose in our existence leading ourself towards a state of harmony and creating inner and outer balance and peace.

The National Wellness Institute says spiritual wellness follows the following principles:

• It is better to ponder the meaning of life for ourselves and to be tolerant of the beliefs of others than to close our minds and become intolerant.

• It is better to live each day in a way that is consistent with our values and beliefs than to do otherwise and feel untrue to ourselves.

Are you engaged in Spiritual Wellness? 

Answer your own spiritual wellness with these brief questions.

> Do I make time for relaxation during my day?

> Do I make time for meditation and/or prayer?

> Do my values guide my decisions and actions?

> Am I accepting of the views of others?

If you answered “No” to any of the questions, it may indicate areas that you may need improvement on to change your level of spiritual wellness.





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