Mini Mindfulness





The response I get when I suggest to get some mindfulness to someone “I don’t have time to be mindful.”

It’s ok if you don’t have a formal meditation or mindfulness practise each and every day. We don’t all need to be sitting on mountain tops of Tibet in order to experience the benefits of meditation and or mindfulness.
You may not realise, but if you are someone who paints, play sport, cycle or immersed in nature and its surroundings, you could be experiencing mindfulness.
Jon Kabat Zinn defines mindfulness as:
“Paying attention; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”
Make a conscious effort each day to direct your attention to where your thoughts, feelings and emotions are in the present moment.
Engage yourself in what ever you are doing and pay attention to the experience without judgment or adding any labels.
That way if you notice something that you don’t like, you can change it. Being mindful allows you to observe. It allows you to take control of your mind rather your mind controlling you.

“When washing your hands be totally present. Walking down a few steps, be totally present rather than needing to get to the bottom, be there in every step. So little mini meditations gradually help you to dis-identify from the movement of thought.” 

—Eckhart Tolle


Be Mindful, Stay Well,

Sheb X

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