Your Body Is The Best Mind Reader Ever!


Your body is the best mind reader ever!!

The moment you decide to change and take action, is the moment your cells scream “Are You CRAZY?” 😜

Over time, your cells become desensitised through the repetitive thoughts and feelings.

Your brain has programmed the body to expect guilt, unworthiness, unhappiness and sadness. Deciding to change is not something that comes naturally to the brain.

So what happens?

If you are willing, able and ready… you are up to create change in your life. If you are not ready, you will go back to safety and remain their until such time.

Think about it. When it’s cold outside and your mind is telling you “you need to get up and go to the gym” what type of message are we getting from the body “it’s too cold out there, stay in bed where it’s nice and warm”.
A typical example of how if we are not in control of our body, our body will dictate our life….

This is where I come in as a coach



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