The New Stress Management

Let’s face it, stress is inevitable. There are always going to be situations that will test the way we respond to our environment. 
Each time we create disturbance within our body that throws balance out, it’s called “stress”. The stress response is the bodies way of responding when it’s knocked out of balance and what it does to return back to equilibrium. The stress response is turned on based on how we react to our environment. 
If our response is ongoing over a period of time, without our conscious awareness, then we are living under the hormones of stress. The issue becomes a chronic condition without even being aware of it. This makes it difficult for some people to then turn off the stress signal. This is an invitation for a breakdown in the body. Hello Dis-ease. 
This type of response leads to all kinds of conditioned physiological symptoms, such as elevated blood pressure, increase in heart rate, arrhythmias and so on. 
The best way to avoid chronic stress conditioning is to start practising “mindfulness”. 
Being mindful allows you to come back to the present moment and observe what is going on with your mind, thoughts, feelings and body. It’s up to you to observe without judgement and become curious as to the reason “why” you behaved the way you did. Thereby, allowing you to control the situation rather then “it” control you. 

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