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Mindfulness Approach to Stress Reduction Approach

Sunday 3rd February 7:00 am AEDT

According to World Health Organisation, stress is considered a worldwide health epidemic. The American Institute of Stress links stress to the six leading causes of death ( heart disease, accidents, cancer, liver disease, lung ailments, and suicide).

đź’«Mindfulness teaches us how to transform our mental and emotional wellbeing, performance, relationships, career, sleep, increase our resilience and improve our physical health.

đź’«Mindfulness training helps us to become aware of our brains natural and unhealthy trained routines. It enables us to catch ourselves when we are doing something that does not serve us. If we don’t catch ourselves, we do the same old bad habit over and over again.

💫Mindfulness is the goal of attention training. It’s a lifestyle. It’s applying your ability to be focused, aware, kind, intentional, open, curious, non judgmental, and compassionate..

đź’«The more we become mindful, the more we are going to achieve and become happy, not only with others but also within ourselves.


🌀Stress reduction

🌀Improve cognitive function

🌀Increase body satisfaction

🌀Learn strategies to help reduce distractions

🌀Increase emotional and mental awareness

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