G.U.T.S Workshop

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This workshop is designed for your little people, as well as the big kids. It is here to help your kids rise and shine by giving them the tools and strategies to stand up and take control of their life. Children are not taught in schools how to make decisions or how to calm their mind in the event of a stressful situation. We are living in a society where there’s constant mind chatter, and due to the overwhelming disturbance, our mind becomes fragmented. This may lead to confusion, stress, fear and anxiety.

With the simple, yet powerful tools of Mindfulness, you can now live in a world where you can be in a natural state of “being” by eliminating the mind clutter and re-empowering and adding an element of wholeness and presence into your life.

By learning the effective tools on how to cultivate calmness and inner peace, you will become stronger have greater confidence and resilience. This is vital as you understand how to incorporate Mindfulness from the inside out.

We all have superpowers within us just waiting to be tapped into and become the greatest version of ourself, the question is;

Do you have the G.U.T.S to use your superpowers? 

G GRIT: Having the courage to stand up and face your fears no matter how far you are in your journey of life or no matter what adversities you have faced.

U – UNLEASH: Everybody has the potential to become extra-ordinary and when you unleash the power within you, you can overcome any obstacles in your way

T – TENACITY: Staying focused, being determined and having the relentless ability to achieve your goals

S – SUPERPOWER: The ability to use your inner power to do things so far beyond what you can even imagine