Heal Yourself


There’s a source of healing that exists within you just waiting for you to tap into it


Are you currently surrounded by negative chatter? Does your thoughts and feelings dictate how you live your life?  If you have been feeling a bit off lately, or experiencing some physical or emotional pain, it may be due to your mind and body being out of alignment.

When we feel disconnected from ourselves we give permission for dis-ease to settle in.

This workshop is about bringing you back into balance and realigning your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s about helping you feel empowered by providing you with the tools to stop you from being caught up in your thoughts.

This is where you will learn powerful strategies to help you identify how to deal with your thoughts, feelings and emotions before they escalate to fear, stress, and anxiety. This has the tendency to cause energetic blocks throughout the body leading to physical and emotional pain. 

During this workshop, you will learn ways to help you unblock these trapped emotions helping you feel lighter, inspired and proving you with renewed energy towards living the life you desire.

“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that”—
Dr Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief

Unless a person is ready for change, they are not ready to be pain free.

Join us for an afternoon of self healing through guided meditation, mindfulness and shifting your paradigm.

It’s time to stop the self sabotage and start discovering who you really are.

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“Pain travels through family lines until someone is ready to heal it in themselves. 

By going through the agony of healing you no longer pass the poison chalice onto the generations that follow. It is incredibly important and sacred work”


Limited to only 20 participants


“You owe yourself self healing and love that you so freely give to other’s”


When: 24th August 2019
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Investment: $88
Venue: Singleton Diggers – York St, Singleton



Join a 6 – Week Healing Gathering

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