“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” —Thich Nhat Hanh



We have reached the age of the mind and more and more people are starting to realise their true potential power and abilities.

This FREE online class will give you the opportunity to stop being caught up in your thoughts. This is where you will learn powerful strategies to help you identify how to deal with your thoughts, feelings and emotions before they escalate to fear, stress, and anxiety. 

What type of practice will allow us to help identify and deal with thoughts and feelings that do not serve us?


Mindfulness has shown significant scientific evidence that it can help reduce your stress, anxiety, enhance creativity and help you sleep better at night.

If you are currently surrounded by negative chatter, it will give you the tools to shift your thoughts, feelings and emotions toward a more desirable positive outcome so that you can start creating the life you desire.

It will help you release any stress, tension, trapped emotions and reconnect with your mind, body and spirit.

The principles and practice in this workshop are simple, effective and powerful as it will help you realign your well-being on a physical, mental and emotional level. If one of these elements are missing in your life, you will experience turbulence and disharmony.

Mindfulness will help you stay focused on what is happening inside of you and the world around you at any given time so that you can focus on the present moment without being distracted, overwhelmed or judgmental.

Join us in this time and space and discover how YOU can start living from the inside, out.
Experience breakthroughs that will give you the inspiration and motivation to start attracting the results that you deserve and desire.

What others had to say

“The last few month my life felt like it was spiralling out of control. I did not know why or how to manage it. Sheb helped me understand how to manage and accept what is happening! Thank you” Michelle. B

“Sheb’s Mindfulness to Wellness course is a MUST for everyone. All the techniques taught are effective & easily incorporated in our daily lives. You can use them while; sitting, walking, standing, moving or laying down. It helps reduce stress while enhancing our performance by assisting us in gain insight & awareness through our own mind. You have nothing too lose but so much to gain. Quote by Thick Nhat Hanh “ Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” Julie.V

“Mindfulness – something that we know but forget to practice in our daily lives. A way to stress reduction, is a must in todays hectic world. How beautifully explained in the session today by Magic Minds Coach Sheb Giner. Thanks for inspiring us always” Shruti. S

“I met Sheb through one of her courses and she has opened my life to positive new opportunities that I struggled with on my own. Sheb is very kind supportive and knowable. I am so glad to have met her and follow her through my personal growth”. D.Smith