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Anxiety, fear, worry, stress, doubt.

All these words can be a real buzz kill.

It’s easy for people to get caught up on thoughts and emotions without realising the impact this has on their health and wellbeing. What type of practice will allow us to help identify and deal with thoughts and feelings that do not serve us?


Mindfulness is all about living in the present moment.

With the correct e-motion, energy in motion, and regular practice, mindfulness has shown significant scientific evidence that can help reduce stress and anxiety, enhance creativity and help us sleep better at night.

We have come to live in a world where we have drifted so far away from ourselves that we allow stress, pain and illness take over our lives.

We put ourself into rehabilitation to ease our physical pain and suffering. We allow ourself to become dis-ease, out of ease from our body.

Isn’t time to reconnect to your inner strength and start listening to what the body is telling you?

Immerse yourself towards better quality of living and come join a community group of like minded people who are ready to embrace in their health and wellbeing and thrive in 2019.

Let’s become mindful in developing a new story of who you are and why you are here. Let’s override old limiting beliefs and recreate a new story that better serves us.

This 6 week course is evidence-based and delivered by health and wellbeing specialist. It is for those people who want to start making a difference in their lives and are genuinely ready for change but unsure how to create it. 

If you are currently surrounded by negative chatter, it will give you the tools to shift your thoughts, feelings and emotions toward a more desirable positive mindset.

It will help you release any stress, tension, trapped emotions and reconnect with you mind, body and soul. 

Be prepared to be surrounded by supportive, like-minded people that will be part of the 6 week process as we unlock your wellbeing through the practice of mindfulness.

You will have the opportunity to be coached during the workshop as well as experience powerful healing through the practise of mindfulness. What will it cost you if you don’t invest in yourself and register today? 


Next Course Starts: 23rd February 10 am – 11:30 am

Saturday 23rd February 10 am – 11:30 am
Saturday 2nd March 10 am – 11:30 am
Saturday 9th March 10 am – 11 am
Saturday 16th March 10 am – 11 am
Saturday 23rd March 10 am – 11 am

Location: @ The Place Corner Frederick and Pearson St Charlestown –
Click here for map https://www.theplacecharlestown.org.au/contact-us#location

Cost: Valued at $197 Intro offer only $97 for 6 weeks of coaching

The principles and practice in this course are simple, effective and powerful as it will help you realign your well-being on a physical, mental and emotional level. If one of these elements are missing in our life, we experience turbulence and disharmony. Mindfulness keeps us focused on what is happening inside of us and the world around us at each moment so that we can focus on the present moment without being distracted or overwhelmed.


Before we delve into mind-body awareness, it’s important we understand stress and how it can impact a body that is frequently overused and under pressure. We can all tolerate short-term stress, but the question is: what happens to the body if we are under chronic stress?

Stress refers to our ability to adapt to inner and outer demands, and is one of the leading causes of numerous illnesses and diseases.

Stressful situations typically produce physiological and emotional responses. Stress is essentially how we respond to a stimulus: we experience something in our environment that triggers an emotional response, and we respond to that trigger either in a positive or negative way.

During this module we will explore stress management and prevention, what makes up the mind and how we create mind-body connection. By bringing awareness back to self we alter our personal reality through the practice of meditation.

Our brain brake exercise include a body scan that form part of our interactive leaning. This is a great practise that allows you to become aware on different parts of the body and what your body is telling you. This session also comes with a 8 week mindfulness practice daily journal to keep you accountable and on track.


Think of your wellbeing house as your body. In order for your body to function, we need all our organs, heart, lungs, brain, and the trillions of cells to function together in harmony without the hormones of stress to debilitate us. Each part serves a purpose to maintain optimal health.

Our wellbeing house is governed by the following elements:

  1. Social
  2. Spiritual Wellness (values, beliefs)
  3. Mental/emotional
  4. Physical
  5. Environmental

We will explore each element in detail and how they relate to our physical and mental wellness. If we find that one of these elements is out of alignment, this will create disharmony within our bodies. This can lead to all kinds of sickness and ill health. So in order to live in an optimal state, it is important that we become mindful and keep these elements aligned and nourished.


What’s good for the mind is also good for the heart.

The ancient Greeks once believed the heart was the seat of intelligence. Our thoughts and feelings influence the chemistry that regulates much of our health, so I guess in a way, once our heart is in communication with our brain and body, the heart is involved in how we think, feel and respond to our environment. For instance, if you have thoughts of fear, you are likely to experience stress in your physical body. Your heart rate increases and your breathing becomes rapid.

Regular practice of mindfulness can help improve the way your heart functions. It will not only help you cope with stress by lowering your high blood pressure but also create synchronicity between the heart, mind and body. In this module we will explore heart-focused breathing and the four words that can trigger coherence between our heart and brain.


Anxiety can take in many forms and can interfere with a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day activities. Often it is caused by a response to an external stimulus.

When anxiety hits, it may cause all kinds of symptoms, including feeling nauseous, experiencing panic attacks, rapid breathing, heart palpitations, feeling clammy or shaky, and losing strength. One of the worst symptoms can come in the form of choking, where you feel like oxygen has been sucked out of your lungs. Anxiety may be exacerbated when depression settles into a person’s life. This can be debilitating and frustrating. It’s not pleasant and it certainly is not fun.

During this module we will focus on how to become aware of our thoughts that do not serve a purpose and how to reframe our beliefs and thinking towards a more favourable outcome. Applying these methods on a continual basis ensures we begin to weaken the negative mind chatter and strengthen the new positive thoughts and beliefs.


In recent years, many researchers have found that the brains of meditators respond differently to pain. Pain is a complex phenomenon, mainly due to its multi-dimensional and subjective ways. When we begin to experience a sensation of pain, we begin to look at it as if it were something bad. We start to judge it and look at it negatively. Some of us even go to the level of Googling our symptoms, which can then make them worse.

The subjective judgement expands the sensation of pain, escalating the experience into anxiety or depression. Mindfulness meditation can be used as a tool to create awareness of the sensation of pain without the judgement or resistance. When we become mindful of our sensations without judgement and resistance, the overall pain can be reduced.

While focusing on sensory pain may sound counterproductive, it actually aims to provide a pathway to pain relief that is different to the traditional pharmacologic interventions that most people often prefer to use.


Breathing is so profound that without it we would literally not be alive. We take for granted the amazing involuntary role that our respiratory system plays in our bodies. We are all aware of the changes that occur when our breath is being compromised. But what happens to our body when we are not aware?

During this module, you will be part of a powerful mindfulness exercise that will give you the tools to allow some breathing space for yourself.

6 Week Course Includes: 

  • One-to-many coaching session 1 x per week for 6 weeks
  • Opportunity to ask questions during each session
  • Hard copy booklet that includes mindfulness script and module activities to enhance your learning
  • Inclusion in a private Facebook support group with participants that have joined the program to share the beautiful experience and bounce off ideas
  • Turbo one-on-one coaching opportunities to track your progress
  • Accountability partner to help you keep accountable and focused


Valued at $197 – Special Introductory Offer $97
Six week coaching program to kick start your Mindfulness & Wellbeing Journey 



Mindfulness to Wellness

Special Introductory Offer One-to-many – Face-to-face Mindfulness to Wellness Coaching Workshop 1 x per week until Saturday 23rd March Online Program Starting: Saturday 23rd February 10:00 am – 11:30 am