Mini Retreat for Busy Women

Mini Retreat for Women

Are You Always Busy?
Are You Too Busy To Notice That You Are Busy?


It is a given that daily living is becoming more and more stressful and unless we learn powerful strategies that can alter our stress levels or even prevent stress, we will fall victim to all kinds of illness and disease.

Before we head into the “crazy” season, why don’t you take a moment to unwind, ground and heal yourself. Be prepared to take on the festive season as you feel zen and stress free.

In this interactive and powerful mini retreat you will:

✔️ Participate with hands-on learning activity where you will provide trade secrets to massage therapy skills and techniques to the back, shoulder and neck. You will not only delivery and make someone else feel de-stressed, but also get the same in return.

✔️ Discover self care techniques and reconnect with your mind, body and soul

✔️ Explore mindfulness activity to help reduce pain and stress

✔️ Step into a sacred space and explore an inner world journey that will leave you in harmony and in balance

✔️ Release trapped emotions

✔️ Become balanced and living in harmony

✔️ Stimulate creativity and self awareness

✔️ Learn how to control your emotions and improve your personal and work life balance

Sheb 4a
Sheb is an intuitive life coaching who combines holistic health, massage & mindfulness in her practice. Sheb believes in order to eliminate turbulence in the body, we must first create balance in our physical, mental, and spiritual world. She will take you through a powerful & healing journey into the art of massage as well as strategies that will help release emotional baggage. You will learn the importance of mind, body connection and create an energetic alignment that will leave you feeling pampered and stress free.

Cheryl Rathborne is an intuitive Sound Healer and Reiki Master.  Her love and passion for the pure sacred sound of Crystal Tone Alchemy Singing Bowls create music for a deep relaxation and healing through guided meditation and mindfulness. Be prepared to experience transformation on all levels as these healing sounds take you into another world stirring up thoughts and feelings that help, heal and inspire growth. Cheryl uses 5 Alchemy Singing Bowls and 2 Tibetan Bowls as her orchestra to bring you powerful, uplifting healing vibrations. Come and allow the activation of your heart open into the gateway of your soul.


Delicious light meal + Tea & Coffee

To keep this mini retreat intimate, we only have small amount of spots left.
So be quick to book your ticket.

We can’t wait to share with you the wonderful world of healing… See you there…


Mini Retreat for Busy Women