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Our mission is to guide school age students growing up in challenging times and environments to recognise and reach their full potential as members of our community.  Through a one-on-one and one to many approach to mentoring, empowering and inspiring, young youth are given the tools and support necessary to make positive life choices during rapidly changing times.


“We believe that even the slightest positive influence has the potential to change a child’s life”


Our mentoring programs are designed to target school age students from 12-17 years old who are at that critial time in their lives where change is inevitable, both physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Ready.Set.Life offers programs to address the many facets of change that takes place during “out-of-school” time including after school, weekends, and term break.

Why Youth Need M

Our youth are coachable little people. This is the perfect time to help them create a positive belief system and attitude towards themselves. It’s a great opportunity to get them on the path to personal development and learn about emotional intelligence NOW to help them build resilience, increase their level of self-confidence and save them from having them to “unlearn” behaviours that don’t serve them in adulthood.



What The Youth Will Learn 

As your child’s life becomes more rushed and structured, they are less able to tune-in to their inner thoughts, senses and emotions. Often when youth’s are operating under high level of stress, their primitive area of the brain becomes overactive.
Part of the coaching strategies will teach the youth to pause before acting, to reason and understand the consequences of our actions. This approach will teach the youth to show empathy and compassion for others and themselves.

Our program teaches the youth to help them understand their mental faculties and how to use it to their full advantage. These mental faculties include:

  • Perception — Perception or our point of view causes us to think something cannot be done, we can change our perception of the situation and originate an idea on how it can be done. Having a growth mindset approach will allow the ability to search for a solution, rather then focusing on the problem.
  • Will — Will gives the youth the ability to hold one picture on the screen of their mind to the exclusion of all outside distractions. The will gives you the ability to focus and concentrate. The more you practice developing your will, the stronger it will become.
  • Reason — Reason is what gives us the ability to think. Thinking is our highest function. Our reasoning faculty gives us the ability to originate individual thoughts and bring them together in the formation of ideas which allow them to put into action. We can observe what we are doing and then think of ideas on how we can do better.
  • Imagination — Imagination creates fantasies. Fantasy is the first stage of creation in life. Everything you see around you, such as buildings, plains, automobiles, was first originated using the imagination. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill
  • Memory There is no such thing as bad memory only weak memory and strong memory. With exercise, our memory has the ability to become stronger.
  • Intuition Your intuition is what allows you to know what is going on when and why. Intuition is often referred to as the sixth sense. This is another mental faculty that youth can develop with practise to achieve an abundance of greatness in their lives.

The more youth become mindful and aware of their inner strength, the better they are equipped when creating the life they truly desire and the less pain and suffering they will endure.

Developing the mental faculties in youth creates powerful learning tools for focus and attention. If we spend too much time multitasking and under chronic stress and anxiety, the neural pathways that are developing in a child’s brain are not as effective as they could be. This can have a significant consequence for behaviour and learning.

Get Ready.Set.Life and prepare your child for optimal future living, and help the young people develop life skills and learn how to manage some of the stresses that come along the way such as:

  • building resilience
  • goal setting
  • managing stress
  • addressing difficult situations
  • visualising the life they want to achieve
  • proactive approach vs reactive approach

As a parent it can be difficult to gauge the youth and their personal lives. After all, they are trying new ideas, trying to fit into the environment and discover who they really are and what they really want. Coaching youth can give a person to vent freely and confidently without the fear of judgment. They can discuss in confidence anything they want. When your child is going through growth, it may be difficult for them to discuss how they feel. Coaching provides the support and mentoring required to understand and listen while delivering powerful, evidence based strategies that will give them the kick start when making “life decisions.”



Youth that receive coaching can benefit from the following ways:

  • the opportunity to talk about difficult subjects, such as bullying and relationships
  • learn powerful ways to handle and manage emotions
  • unlimited email support plus 1x per week one-on-one meeting
  • support of an objective and non-judgemental mentor
  • start creating goals for self-improvement
  • motivation and inspiration to start loving life and encourage to see the world from a fresh perspective
  • improve confidence and social skills

For parents interested in signing their youth up for mentoring or for your free complimentary discussion on whether or not mentoring/coaching is the right fit for your little person, fill the form out below: