Thrive Day Retreat


DAY RETREAT – 16th November 2019 



🤔 Imagine taking a day out of your hectic and busy life to hear about and learn tools and strategies to stay centred and grounded in the midst of the chaos of motherhood.

🧘🏼‍♀️ You will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and inspired to take action and be the best version of yourself.

🙋🏼‍♀️ So if you’re a mum and you need sometime out we’ve got you covered. Come and join us for a day of fun and learning where you will experience, mindfulness, meditation, self care, mindset tips and best of all board breaking 👊🏼

If you are going through the challenges of motherhood with all the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that motherhood can bring. If you are seeking a nurturing space to learn practical tools, to breakthrough your  limiting beliefs and find the joy in life again, then join us for a day retreat of love, sisterhood, connection and support and get ready to transform your perceived limits into potential possibilities.  


Come and create some magic with us as we release, reset and rejuvenate in peaceful and tranquil location in Lake Macquarie at Rafferty’s Resort. Remove yourself from busy city life and surround yourself within glorious gardens and tranquil scenery. This day retreat will truly have you feeling like you are in heaven.  A refreshing change and relaxing environment that will have you feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take action!

If this sounds like you then this day retreat is just the thing for you. Come along and

  •  Learn practical tools and skills to stay clam among the chaos
  • Create harmony in your home
  • Communicate more effectively with your children get the best out of them
  • Destress and come back to your senses 
  • Create a new story a new YOU
  • Break through barriers that hold you back from being the best version of you
  • Have fun and create some connections with our other Mad Mammas



At Thrive Retreats, our mission is to set you free from living life on auto pilot and to help you live life more deliberately. It’s about bringing your awareness to where you are now, and help you take the necessary steps towards where you want to go.

Our interactive retreats allow you to reconnect, and come together as a community and join forces with likeminded people who will uplift, support and keep you grounded.

If you are at that point in life where you are ready to start making SHIFT HAPPEN, then Thrive Retreats is the place to be.



This Day retreat is for mother’s who need the spark back in their lives and know that there’s more to gain and to give. It is for mother’s who are on a personal growth journey who want more for themselves and their children. 

Are you living in a state of “certainty” or “hope”?

Napoleon Hill once said; “There is a difference between WISHING for a thing and being READY to receive it. No one is ready for a thing, until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be BELIEF, not mere hope or wish. Open-mindedness is essential for belief.”

Thrive Retreats will give you the necessary tools to take action. By the end of the retreat you will gain an increase in confidence, a change in mindset, you will feel calmer, happier and more inspired.


  • One amazing lunch, including snacks and drinks
  • Tea and coffee 
  • Complimentary one hour of 1:1 mastermind discovery coaching sessions with either Lara or Sheb following retreat
  • Onsite head, shoulder and neck massage
  • Outdoor mindful activities
  • Garden meditation
  • Holistic wellness including a goodie bag 
  • Take home workbook



For any attendees wishing to book accommodation at the Resort, you are eligible to receive a discount when booking for your retreat.

Accommodation details can be found here:

When booking online, you can put the code “functionsRR” into the Promo Code box to receive a discount on the best rate of the day (available on minimum 2-night stays).

If you are looking to stay for 1 night only, or stay in one of Rafferty’s Select properties, you can call or email reservations team directly to discuss your options or make a booking. Please see below for their details:

Phone: 02 4972 5555                      Email:



Sheb is an International Wellbeing Specialist and Life Coach who centers on healing individuals from the inside, out, in the present moment. She believes in a holistic approach to healing and empowers individuals to stress less and be their best. Sheb is the founder of LivWell Consulting where she facilitates employee health, wellness and expert strategies to reduce stress and improve workplace culture. Sheb also facilitates training and workshops with helping youth increase their level of resilience and self empowerment at various high schools.

Sheb meets you where you are, and takes you where you want to go by helping you heal in the present in order to consciously, and clearly create the future you desire.

After suffering from post natal depression and autoimmune disease, Sheb will share powerful strategies and healing techniques on how she was able to combat both illnesses and is now medication and disease free.

Sheb will present a multitude of topics that include the power of your mind, beliefs, values and why it’s time we need to reduce stress in our lives and how to treat chronic pain while helping you improve immune function and mental wellness.

You will learn how to fill the gap between knowing and doing, and how to get what you really want in life by simply shifting your thoughts and tapping into your emotions.

Be prepared to be guided on a practical mindfulness experience that will teach you how to access your heart’s intelligence by strengthening your intuitive heart-brain connection; leaving you feeling harmonised, balanced, and in optimal coherence. This is a brilliant example of how science and spirituality come together in oneness. Modern science describes the electrical relationship between heart and brain, while ancient civilisation and spiritual practices have applied this unique blend of techniques to enhance relationships in their lives, predating scientific explanation.

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Lara is a performance and wellness coach and has been helping people navigate through the stress and pressure that fear can create, so they can discover the truth behind their boundless potential and achieve the results that they have always wanted.

Having been a lawyer for the past 16 years and managing practice as well as the demands of motherhood and family, Lara has lived and breathed pressure and high expectations and has learned that life is not a controlled environment where you will only be exposed to a healthy amount of stress before someone pulls the pin!

Alongside a legal practice, for the past 10 years Lara has coached and mentored many professionals and people in general teaching them how to focus, align, believe and achieve results that line up with their values and true potential and create the lives that they deserve and want.

Lara’s coaching journey started around 15 years ago when she was introduced to the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and became Meta State Coach. She has since undertaken training and certification as a Master NLP Practitioner which she uses on a day to day basis with her clients and her family.

Lara’s experience as a Family Lawyer, trained mediator, coach and NLP practitioner as well as her love and curiosity for people provides her with purpose and passion for helping people move forward.
Lara’s passion and mission in life is to free as many people as possible from the mental shackles that our environment can imprison us in and to give them freedom and space to be the true masters of their own destiny.

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Thrive Day Retreat Registration 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Includes Lunch and ALL snack’s in between





Thrive Day Retreat Registration 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Includes Lunch and ALL snack’s in between