Women’s Heart Summit





Are You Ready To Awaken
The Healer Within?

What We Are Offering:

We are bridging the gap between science and spirituality. As a consciousness we are evolving, asking more meaningful questions and demanding answers.

During this Summit we will awaken your passion to learn, teach you skills and activate your innate abilities in self healing.


  • How you can heal yourself and take your trusted medical practitioners along your journey, bridging the gap between conventional medicine and mind, body, spirit and soul healing
  • The healing properties of being in the present moment and the power of heart mind connection
  • Strategies to stress less and be your best
  • Explore the gut brain connection and deepen even further into awareness of the gut-spirit connection
  • How you can raise your level of consciousness
  • How to awaken to your own divine essence, activating yourself to hold space for others to do the same
  • Learn about the hero’s journey, where you are on it and how you can return home feeling healed and whole

Are You Ready To Transform?

This Summit is for women who hear the call to expand their level of consciousness and self-awareness. It is for women who want to live in optimal health and share with other like minded women for a memorable day filled with love, healing, heart, transformation, fun and wellness.

If you are ready to transform your life and reconnect with your innate healing ability and remember your inner wisdom, connecting mind, body, spirit and soul, then the Women’s Heart Summit is for you.

Event Details: 

Date: 19th May 2019
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: 81 Beach Drive, Killcare SLSC Map
Investment: $125 includes delicious healthy lunch, morning & afternoon tea, and heart filled FUN!

We want to nourish your body as well as your heart and soul at this Heart Summit. So, we have some exciting things to share with you all.

Your ticket includes a wholefood mandala grazing platter to share, a lunch bowl and snack provided by local wholefood caterers, Activate Foods, and a snack bar from our fabulous sponsor, Carman’s kitchen and a bottle of kombucha from our wonderful sponsor, Remedy kombucha.

While we hope to cater to most tastes and needs, please bring any specific foods or snacks that you may require on the day. Please also bring your own bottle of water.


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Who Are We?

Four incredible Women, practitioners in their own right, joining forces to share their stories of inspiration, self-healing and transformation.

Meet the Speakers


Dr Jenny Draper is an experienced and caring doctor, who is interested in exploring and evaluating complementary and alternative medicine when seeking healing for her patients. She founded Wingham Wellbeing in 2009 with the aim of providing a medical home for a defined patient population, and providing that population with the advice, motivation and support to achieve optimal health.

Wingham Wellbeing is a novel general practice focused on preventative medicine. Prior to this business, her favourite saying had always been ‘Western Medicine does not hold all the answers’. Now after 10 years building a successful medical home she is ready for exciting new challenges, and is actively reaching out to like-minded holistic and natural healers for another innovative collaboration.

Dr Jenny comes to this Women’s Heart Summit to share her personal journey, and share how she has awakened to the concept that we need to embrace the mind body spirit healing model in order to truly prevent disease. The biology of belief is that we can influence our cells with our thoughts.

Epigenetics has the potential to be at the forefront of disease prevention. She will explain basic concepts about epigenetics, how our dietary guidelines are out of whack with epidemiological evidence, and go into some of the theories behind why it is so hard for your doctor to accept the fact that you are actually able to heal yourself if you understand the secret.

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Sheb is an International Wellbeing Specialist and Healing Life Coach who centers on healing individuals from the inside, out, in the present moment. She believes in a holistic approach to healing and empowers individuals to stress less and be their best.

Sheb meets you where you are, and takes you where you desire to go by helping you heal in the present in order to consciously, and clearly create the future you desire.

After suffering from post natal depression and autoimmune disease, Sheb will share powerful strategies and healing techniques on how she was able to combat both illnesses and is now medication free.

Sheb will present a multitude of topics that include the power of our mind, beliefs, values and why it’s time we need to reduce stress in our lives and how to treat chronic pain while helping you improve immune function and mental wellness.

Sheb will discuss how you can fill the gap between knowing and doing, and how to get what you really want in life by simply shifting your thoughts.

Be prepared to be guided on a practical mindfulness experience that will teach you how to access your heart’s intelligence by strengthening your intuitive heart-brain connection; leaving you feeling harmonised, balanced, and in optimal coherence. This is a brilliant example of how science and spirituality come together in oneness. Modern science describes the electrical relationship between heart and brain, while ancient civilisation and spiritual practices have applied this unique blend of techniques to enhance relationships in their lives, predating scientific explanation.

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Nicole is an Ancient Wisdom Keeper, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Soul Mentor, WayShower, and Magdalene. Satiating her hunger in raising consciousness, she holds space to Awaken women to their divinity. Bridging the realms between the physical & spiritual she owns and operates Earth Keeper Healing.

Nicole now honours her Souls work, after ignoring her Souls truth subsequently created serious illness, a major life transforming accident and two Near Death Experiences. She embarked on her global pilgrimage, on her own quest in true deep Soul Healing, Spiritual Remembering & Awakening. She has healed herself on many levels and layers, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and passionately continues on her own journey of healing and awakening, sharing Herstory, inspiring others to do the same. Nicole has now supported thousands of Souls and people on their journey of healing, awakening and remembering, all around the world.

Highly intuitive and spiritually gifted, Nicole has an extensive background of over 20 years in Energy Medicine and Complementary Therapies. Trained in numerous modalities, she maintains her greatest learnings and teachings come directly from Spirit and Soul Remembrance. She lives and breathes her teachings today, as her success in this type of deep healing only comes from consciously maintaining a pure vessel. Her mission is supporting others to deeply heal; Awakening Their Inner Healer and Innate Inner Wisdom. She comes to the Women’s Heart Summit to share in raising the collective consciousness, teaching others to choose to create one’s reality, honouring one’s Soul in The Divine Design, co-creating the New Earth. Nicole supports others in unlocking the Witness within, becoming aware of playing the role of victim, and becoming aware of the programs of the matrix and the enslavement of one’s mind; Activating you to take back one’s spiritual power and birthright, as a conscious creator, in our own reality.

Be ready to deeply Awaken The Healer Within, as Nicole holds space guiding you on a Soul journey back home into reclaiming your power. A journey into your heart and womb, healing in your womb, shining healing light to your Ancestral Lineage, unlocking DNA to your innate wisdom. Allowing you to become aware of your own Energy Field, empowering you with your own tools to heal distorted energies within. She will invite you to expand in consciousness, share on her experience of working with many clients in Past Life Healing, as together we heal layers of collective past wounding held deep within the Collective Consciousness of the Sacred Sisterhood. Revealing parts of Herstory in turning trauma to triumph, honouring her Souls work, Nicole will touch your heart and reignite the divine spark within your Soul.

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Sammi Zajko is a wild and daring fermentation revivalist. She is a workshop facilitator, presenter, speaker, nutritional researcher, foodie, mother, owner at Fermenting Australia and The Gut Warriors, and a qualified counsellor.  Sammi is a qualified Shamanic practitioner and Reiki practitioner and has had extensive experience working with clients on a soul level.  She has facilitated numerous shamanic rituals and ceremonies, including sweat lodges and working with the Medicine Wheel and with labyrinths.  Sammi is an initiated member of SOTEMS (Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society.)

Sammi has a background in Nutritional Medicine and natural health, and has spent the last 6 years touring and teaching the wonderful and fascinating world of fermented food.

Sammi’s interest and experience has expanded beyond the physiology and biology of gut health and fermented foods and into the realms of mental health, emotional healing and spiritual growth. She invites you to explore with her the gut-brain connection, and, even further into the gut-spirit connection.

Having experienced extensive grief and trauma in her life, and being diagnosed with Complex-PTSD, Sammi knows first-hand the challenges that life can throw at us, and how to overcome them with bravery and dignity. It is her mission to support others as they heal and grow.

She will invite you to understand the Hero’s Journey and where you are on it, how to rise after a dark night of the soul and how to return home from your journey through song and sisterhood.

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Event Details: 

Date: 19th May 2019
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: 81 Beach Drive, Killcare SLSC Map
Investment:$125 includes delicious healthy lunch, morning & afternoon tea, and heart filled FUN!




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