Women’s Wellness Circle

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Join a 6 – Week Healing Gathering

Starting Saturday 8th February


You’re Invited To Join In On The Women’s Wellness Circle

A space where women gather for self reflection, healing and connection.

A place to be heard and be seen where you get to talk about strategies towards spiritual and mental wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment.

It’s Time To Connect!



Each week we will focus on a certain theme topics such as; self confidence, self image, self-care, overcoming stress and fear, mindfulness and more. This will enable the circle to not only start co-creating, but also allow the opportunity to find your tribe.

By coming together and exploring possibilities with other women, you will be part of a ripple effect which will have the power to touch anyone that comes in contact with you.

Feel enriched by participating, healing, connecting and deep listening.

As part of the Women’s Wellness circle, you get access to a mastermind group where you could ask myself and your fellow circle of women questions about growth and wellness strategies.

Pull up a chair or a yoga mat and join us in a free of judgement circle of connection that includes guided meditation, intention and letting go.



Sheb, who will be guiding the Women’s Wellness Circle is an accredited Exercise Scientist, hypnotherapist and strategic psychotherapist.

Sheb began her journey into the healing arts over 10 years ago as a remedial massage and sport massage therapist. Sheb has worked with thousands of people, including elite athletes on a soft tissue and pain management level before taking the strategic intervention approach to address cognitive and behavioural issues.

Sheb discovered during her time as a soft tissue therapist, that in order for you to create a positive change towards your wellbeing, you must first work on modifying your thoughts and behaviours.

The Women’s Wellness Circle would like to invite you to join Sheb and other like-minded women for the launch special of $89 for your first 6 weeks.

The Details:

Date: Starting 8th February
Venue: The Yoga Place – 6 Mitti St Blacksmiths
Time: 11:00 – 12:30
Investment: $89 for 6 weeks or $20 casual visit

RECOMMENDED: 6 WEEKS – The more circles you are gathered at, the deeper the healing and meaningful connections.

Join a 6 – Week Healing Gathering

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